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How to build a really, really small house

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It’s the perfect solution for those who have little space in their home, or a home that doesn’t quite fit the bill.

But it can also be very expensive, depending on the materials you use and the size of your home.

So how do you do it?

Read on to find out how to build one that’s small enough to actually fit in your living room, and affordable enough to let you have the space to yourself.

Read on to see how to do it.1.

What you need to build it1.

You’ll need the following:Tools:Scissors, ruler, glue stick, paperCutting board or glue bag3.

You want to build your own piece of cardboard to fit into your home, preferably a square of at least 16 inches long and 9 inches wide.2.

Cut out a template from your home’s home page.3.

Lay out your template in a single sheet of paper, and cut out the cardboard pieces.

Cutting boards can also work, but they’re much harder to find.

You can use a cutting board, but it will be less sturdy and you’ll have to bend it to fit the square you just made.4.

Lay the template out on a flat surface, and mark the size you want your home to be.5.

Measure your area to make sure you’re not building too much.6.

Cut the template to fit your area.7.

Using scissors, cut the template into a rectangle.8.

Use glue stick to glue the cardboard squares together.9.

Place your home on the template, and carefully secure it to the cardboard by using glue stick.10.

Lay your home out on your paper template and mark where you want to place your new home.11.

Use a ruler or ruler holder to measure your area, and make sure that your home is within that range.12.

Now that you’ve made your home square, you can begin to cut out your pieces.1 / 5 A small piece of furniture will work well for this task.

If you have more than one piece of furnishings in your home that you want, you might consider a more complicated piece of construction equipment, such as a router or drill.

You could even go so far as to buy a saw, and drill holes in your walls.

Home Furniture DIY GuideHome Furnishings DIY GuideHow to build furniture:

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