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A house in Hinakon, Hokkaido, is home to the only home in the world to make all of its furnishings from scratch, using only bamboo.

The house, which was completed in 2012, has an innovative design that means you can use a whole load of different materials in one home, making it perfect for those who don’t have the time or space to do a lot of customising. 

The bamboo house is the brainchild of architect Shiro Ogawa, who had been looking for a place to create a new house of his own. 

“My goal was to create an original home with minimal design elements,” he said. 

He went to the local shop and found a bunch of bamboo for £2.50.

“I went home and built this house.

It took me six years of work to make it.

Now it has been designed and built with the bamboo as a main material.”

The house was named after Ogawa’s grandfather, who was a local politician, and the roof is made of the same material.

Ogawa says the home has become a major tourist attraction and has become popular with local people.

“The bamboo houses around the country are becoming a symbol of the Japanese dream of self-reliance and home ownership,” he added. 

While the bamboo houses have become popular, the real challenge is making them sustainable, and keeping them up to date.

Ogawawa says he has been saving up for more bamboo to build new houses.

He says it’s difficult to find bamboo in Japan that’s as strong as the original. 

Ogawa’s home has now been built up to accommodate the extra bamboo that he needs to build the new house. 

In addition to the bamboo house, the Japanese government is funding more houses made from recycled materials.

In the past, the government only supported the construction of houses made of bamboo and wood, but it’s now funding a range of other materials including the bamboo roof and roof tiles.

The government says this helps to reduce waste and improve the environment. 

This is the story behind some of the world’s most interesting buildings. 

For more information visit the Japanese government’s green house project.

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