We can now take an air raid siren to your house with a tiny speaker

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The air raid system is not just for weddings and other private events.

The Texas home furnishers group says it’s also been able to take a tiny air raid detector to your home.

The group’s new device uses tiny speakers that vibrate when you say the word air raid.

They’ve also designed the device to work in the car, and are selling the speakers for $149.

It can be purchased through a local retailer or the internet for $199.

The device has a 5 watt power supply and can detect air conditioners and other electronic devices as well as speakers.

“We wanted to make sure that this device could be used for anything that is not only in your living room, but is outside your living area,” said Josh Ziegler, a member of the Texas Home Furniture Association.

The air conditioner will vibrate for 10 seconds, and if you’re in your home or living room it will continue to vibrate if you move away.

You can use the device as a home alarm clock, and Zieglers said you could use it to turn off your lights, or if you have a large room, you could play the music.

It also works with other types of home security systems, such as locks, water valves, and air condition ducts.

Ziegles says the speaker is also easy to install, and the speakers come in a variety of sizes.

They’re designed to be used with a variety-sized vacuum cleaner and a variety toasters, and they’re available in a selection of colors.

“The speaker can be used anywhere,” he said.

You won’t be able to use the air raid detectors to take it to a party, but it does work for a movie theater.

You could also use the speaker as a nightlight, or for night owls who don’t like to leave their doors unlocked.

Zorgler is also working with the Austin area home inspectors to test out the devices.

He said the devices are compatible with a wide range of different home security devices, including air condition and fire alarms.

“You could use this as a fire alarm, or as an air condition system,” he explained.

“There are many different types of fire alarms, and we want to make this device that people can use wherever they want.”

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