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How to get the most out of a fireplace

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The best way to get all the benefits of a traditional fireplace is to get it from scratch, according to a new study by the University of Queensland.

The research, published in the journal Energy Research and Development, found that modern, efficient fireplace designs have been widely adopted by consumers but have failed to provide the benefits traditionally enjoyed by traditional wood burning stoves.

Key points:The study found that traditional fireplace designs are less efficient than modern designsSource: University of QldThe study, conducted by Professor Peter Schmaltz, found consumers have been slow to adopt more modern design options in the home, such as a modern gas fireplace.

The study was carried out to explore the effects of using modern fireplace designs on home heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and whether there were differences in performance in different climates.

Professor Schmiltz said that consumers have traditionally had a choice between two types of furnaces: wood burning and gas burning.

He said that many consumers were “overwhelmed” by the options offered by gas-fired stoves, and that “they’re not using as much of them” as they used to.

“It’s an open question whether people are willing to give up the comfort and convenience of wood-burning fireplaces, but we found that it’s not necessarily that they’re not enjoying it, it’s that they don’t use as much as they’d like to use,” he said.

“The real question is: How much of the value of the home-based fireplace will be lost, and how much of it will be created?”

The study also looked at how consumers fared in using a traditional gas fireplace, and found consumers were not as efficient as they had been previously.

“We found that consumers were less efficient when using traditional gas-burning fireplace designs,” Professor Schmeltz said.

“They’re less efficient with a gas fireplace than a wood-fired fireplace, but that’s probably because the wood fires have less energy.”

He said consumers also struggled to adapt to the new technology, and he said they were less likely to invest in a new appliance if it didn’t have the same benefits.

“If we think about how the combustion process works, you’re putting something into a combustible liquid that you don’t want to combust.

It’s not something you want to burn,” he explained.”

In the case of a gas-based fire, the liquid is more dense, and the flame expands and contracts more rapidly when the liquid heats up.

So the fuel that goes into a fire is more combustible, and this makes it a much more efficient burning device.”

However, the researchers said there was also a potential benefit of modern designs, such an air conditioner or heating systems, that would reduce heat output, particularly in hotter climates.

They said consumers should be prepared to invest more money in new technology if they wanted to make more use of their home’s existing heating and cooling systems.

“Even though it’s expensive, the more you invest in it, the less energy you’ll use,” Professor McGlinchey said.

The University of Brisbane is currently conducting a research project on the impacts of climate change on the Australian food system.

The Queensland Government is currently investigating the impact of climate policy on the State’s energy and environment sector.


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