Home’s ‘Brickhouse’ is the perfect place for a ‘Boomerang’ party

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The home of the late Stanley Kangerhans and his wife, Mary, is a brickhouse, a “home that can transform and change the world”, according to its website.

The brick house is named after the family’s grandson, Stanley Kanderhans, who is known for making a “Boom” sound when he sings.

It is located in North Queensland, in the town of Tully.

A brick house in North West Queensland, which was featured in a 2014 film, “The Brickhouse”, is named for a boy who is a “boomerang” and plays the trumpet in the family.

The home is the home of Stanley Kangers family, with its walls covered in photos and stories of the family, including photos of the Kangerhs.

It was the first home the Kangers had owned, according to the website.

“This family was born in the early 1800s, in a family of farmers, so it was quite a journey from farm to home,” the site says.

“The family lived on their own in the home until it was sold in the mid-1970s.”

The house has become an icon of the city’s revival, with many tourists coming from across the country to see it.

“I’ve got my own room in there, which I’ve been doing quite a bit of since the day I got here,” said Ms Kanger.

“But it’s very special, it’s so much more than just the home, and it’s really something special.”

The Kanger family moved to the city in the 1920s, and the house is currently on the National Register of Historic Places.

It became a tourist attraction when a film called “The Bumblebee Song” was made in the 1970s about the Kansas and the building.

“Stanley would have loved to have been in the movie,” Ms Kager said.

It’s just really touching and wonderful.” “

If he’s in the film, he would have been really proud.

It’s just really touching and wonderful.”

The movie was made around 1930 and depicts the family and their neighbours as they celebrate the completion of a new road in the area.

“We’re all very proud of it and really proud of our home,” Ms Wooten said.

The family has since moved back to the community, but Ms Karge said she would like to see the building go back to its former glory.

“That’s really the heart of the story,” she said.

It would be a “historic moment”, she said, if the Kanderhs could return to their original home.

The Kangeres are survived by their two children, Stanley and Jane Kanger, as well as three grandchildren.

The Bumblebees were the first real boomers in Australia, Ms Woden said, and were “so proud of the heritage”.

“We’ve been very lucky,” she told, “and the whole family is very proud.”

“Stan and Mary were very happy to be part of this family legacy and we would just like to thank them for everything.”

The home will remain a part of the local community for many years to come, she said

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