‘Bordelons’ house, the ‘most expensive house’ in New York, has more than $50,000 in gold

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Bordelons is a luxury home in New Jersey, built in the mid-1800s for its owner and sold in the 1960s for more than the home’s worth.

Today, the property is valued at more than half a million dollars.

It’s a home that has been in use by many different families for generations.

And it’s been the subject of some very special scrutiny. 

The house’s owner, Louis Bordelon, is the son of the famed French composer and musician, composer and pianist Maurice, and his mother, Mary Bordel on the island of Manhattan. 

Louis Bordelont’s father died when he was in his twenties. 

In order to pay his way, Louis has spent his life building, decorating, and making sure that his house has the most extravagant and beautiful decorations possible. 

And he’s managed to do that while also keeping up with the changing needs of his new house, which he and his wife are renovating. 

“We don’t want to have it all.

We want to be able to get out of our house and see what we have,” Bordelony told CBS New York.

“We want to know how we’ve built it, how it has evolved over time, how we are using it.” 

Bordels own home is one of the most expensive in New New York City.

But he has a different approach to decorating it. 

He said that in order to do this he’s used materials that have never been seen before. 

His wife, Mary, is a licensed home decorator, so she knows how to create beautiful finishes, and also knows how much of a challenge it is to get everything in place in the house. 

Bold colors Borndelon also chose to use bold colors, like white and black. 

According to CBS New NY, “The bold colors will add a modern touch to the home, with the traditional wood and brass accents.” 

This is just one of many pieces of furniture in the Bordelonia house that has gone for over $100,000. 

But there are more. 

A large dining table, the dining room, and a large sofa are worth nearly $300,000, and the dining area and large dining room are worth over $300. 

This one is also very expensive. 

At one point, the Bordels spent nearly $600,000 to make this beautiful, and luxurious, dining room and dining table. 

You might think that this is a lot of money, but you’d be wrong. 

On top of that, the house is so large that there are two bathrooms and a shower. 

It also has an extensive kitchen, and that’s all without even including a laundry room. 

There’s a lot more to the Bordellonia house than the $100K price tag. 

Even though it’s one of New York’s most expensive homes, it is not for everyone. 

When you think about it, this house is not the only one of its kind in New Yorks. 

For example, you can find one for sale for $150,000 at a home sale. 

Another is on the market for $110,000 right now. 

All of the expensive homes on this list are for sale.

And there are plenty more like them. 

Check out some of these other expensive houses on our top 10 most expensive houses list. 

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