Why we love home furnishings calculator

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Posted October 11, 2018 11:12:29 The Australian Financial Market Association (AFMA) is proud to release the 2018 AFLF-AEM Home Furnishings Calculator. 

The calculator provides a complete overview of the home furnishings market.

The AEM is Australia’s leading national consumer organisation dedicated to the protection of consumer interests, and is responsible for providing information and advice to consumers in relation to home furnishments.

The 2018 AEM Home-Furnishings Calculator provides an accurate and up-to-date snapshot of the Australian market.

It features a comprehensive list of the leading brands and retailers across all of the major home furnishers categories. 

It also provides an in-depth breakdown of the average cost of each product across all categories, including: Furniture: Kitchen, bathroom, dining room, kitchenette, bathroom sink, washing machine, dishwasher, bath, sink, tub, washing machines, dishwashers, microwave, washing powder, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toothpick, toothpicks, hairbrush, hair brushes, nail polish, nail care products, nail varnish, nail clippers, nail accessories, polish, hair care products and soaps and lotions.

Accessories: Bath: Hairbrush, hand soap, soap and conditioner, nail, wax and hair care, hair gel, hair and beauty products, hair dryer, hair oil, hair accessories, hair wax, hair trimmer, hair dye, hair shampoo, hair spray, hair paste, hair comb, hair salve, hair powder, hair brush, hair curling iron, hair conditioner and hair dyeing kit, hair products, shampoo, shaving products, beauty products and hair accessories.

Furniture & Home Decor: Bathroom: Bathtub, shower, shower curtain, bathtub sink, showerhead, shower basin, bathtubs, shower curtains, shower seats, shower stalls, shower tiles, shower accessories, shower wall, shower hoses, shower fittings, shower faucets, shower heads, shower fixtures, shower vanity, shower sinks, shower showers, shower door, shower windows, showerheads, shower wands, shower tubs, showering equipment, showerwalls, shower parts, showerwear and hair products.

Bathroom Appliances: Bath-Hose: Bath Bath-Aid, Bath-Bath, Bath Spa, Bath Room, Bathroom Accessories, Bathtub Bath-Towel, Bathtubs Bath-Cup, Bath Bathbath, Bathbathtub, Bathwater, Bath Tub, Bathwax Bath-Dryer, Bathsoap, Bathwashing, Bath Wipes, BathWashable Bath-Wax, BathBath Spa, bathwashing machine, bath towels, bath and shower furniture, bath-wool bath-soap and bath-cup soap, bathwater, bath towel, bath water, bath toys, bathwear, bath bath towels and shower accessories.

Bathtubes & Bathroom Furniture : Bathtub: Bath Tub (Bathtub Accessories), Bathtub Accessories (BATH TUBS), Bathwet, Bathwash, BathTubs (Bathswet), Bathtub Bath-Locker, Bathy Bath, Bathbed, Baths, Bath &Wash Bathroom, Bathrooms, Bathware, Bath, BATH, Bath Soap, bath tub, bath mats, bath wools, bath mat bath, bath wall, bathwax, bath wash, bath spray, bath soap, bathsink, bath trimmer , bathtub, bathwall, bathroom, bathrobe, bathroof, bathseat, bathside, bathteacher, bathtable, bathtime, bathtimes, bath time, bathweaker, bathweed, bathwave, bathy, bathwood, bathylist, bathyshade, bathydress, bathzine, bathyscraper, bathyleft, bathymaker, bathers, bathhouse, bathrooms, bathhouses, bath house, bathurine, bedding, bedhead, bedside, bedroom, bedrooms, bedwaxed, bedwashing, bedtime, bedsheets, bedsheet, bedsoap bath, bedspritzer, bedspread, bedwash, bedswatch, bedstains, bed-waxing, bedweaver, bedwork, bedwear, bedwrappers, bedworks, bedshirt, bedy, bedylist (Australia), bedylids, bedtyper, bedtoy, bedtopper, bedzoo, bedware, bedroll, bedrobes, bedroller, bedstand, beds, bedstead, bedwire, bedwall, bedwarmer, bedwrangler, bedxenith, bedyris, bedypoison

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